14 Lessons I Learned Shadowing Gary Vaynerchuk For Two Years

The self-promotional wine entrepreneur turned social media star still has his share of critics. My belief is that the best way to gain a following is to put out as much daily content as you can (of course, I'm referring to quality content here… but don't forget that quality is subjective ;). Whatever it is you may be doing, putting out pictures or drawings on Snapchat, or photos on Instagram, or a video or written blog, you need to be getting as close to that as possible and focus on it EVERY DAY.

In this video we're keeping you motivated with the best Gary Vaynerchuk moments of 2016. Maybe, your consistent flavor of the life is your mom's point of view, is your older brother who's guided you with good wisdom, but wants you to be a lawyer, but you don't want to be a lawyer.

They change, they change and it will always change and it will continuously change and right now entrepreneurship is in this pedestal that's having its moment and what I'm fearful of is that you watch my videos and you see my Instagram quotes and what I want to clarify for everybody is that I hope you understand I am not giving advice to everybody.

Vaynerchuk launched Wine Library TV, a bare-bones web video series in which Vaynerchuk tasted and discussed wines, spitting into a New York Jets bucket. What Gary is suggesting is that too often we sit back and consume content like his because we are afraid to "make the jump." Steve Harvey (The Ms. Universe guy and Family Feud Host) illustrates this point well in the following clip.

Gary Vee is the epitome of the entrepreneurial hustler: he builds businesses and here wants to help you do the same. The legendary Entrepreneur and Millionaire Angel Investor Gary Vaynerchuk” lives his life inspiring millions around the world through his keynote speeches, YouTube videos, Medium posts and Tweets.

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